The Doomsday Dive

Can you prevent World War 3?

You are new cadets aboard a Submarine, however on your maiden voyage you find something has gone wrong, a madman has taken over the Sub!  He intends to launch the ship's nuclear arsenal in order to instigate World War III.  Now it's up to your team to make your way through the sub and disarm the nukes in order to prevent global catastrophe!

Time: 1 Hour

Players: 2-8

Difficulty Level: Medium and Hard options available

 The Hostage Hotel

An H.H. Holmes Themed Adventure 

Can you escape the Murderer?

You check into a hotel only to discover that the owner is an H.H. Holmes copycat killer.  You have one hour to find and turn off the gas valve before you are knocked out and dismembered by the hotel's murderous owner.

Players: 2-8

Time: 60 Minutes

Difficulty Level: Easy, Medium, and Hard options available

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